Xo Liane


  • Beautiful, Professional Makeup

    "Liane was amazing! She did the most beautiful bridal makeup for me in my wedding day, as well as beautiful makeup for my mother and sister. She is so professional and sincere and has a wonderful set up. I have horribly dry skin and when she was applying foundation that wasn’t working for my skin type it was no problem. She assessed the situation and quickly and carefully fixed and addressed it and did what worked best for me. I also used Goddess Glow for my bridal shower makeup. I can’t wait until my next event to have Liane do my makeup again!!!"

    - Taylor W.

  • If I was Liane's mother, I'd say "I'm proud of you"

    "Liane is so talented, gorgeous, strong, and inspiring. This calendar is awesome and I'm excited to engage in it 2024. Liane, you are a gift! I love the statement "My kids deserve a mom they can brag about." I am reading through all you have written, I'm quite sure God sent you to help many, including me. I'm crying as I read it. I love the way you express yourself."

    - Debbie A.

  • Exotic Creation

    “Liane made me look so exotic! I was so in love with what she created!"

    - Alyssa H.

  • Beyond Grateful

    "I can't believe Liane added so many inspirational/motivational quotes to our daily pages. I can't wait to print it out and make it part of my daily routine. I am beyond grateful for you Liane."

    - Mary Lu.

  • True Goddess

    "Well deserved tip! Liane, thank you so much! I looked and felt like a true Goddess!'

    - Jeni B.

Serving more than just Looks

Makeup Xo Liane

My services are designed to add that Luxurious Extra Glow to your getting-ready experience, empowering you for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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Event Planner & Designer

Full service Event Planning/Designing Co. Responsible for coordinating all of the moving parts involved in ensuring events go smoothly, including choosing venues, catering services, hiring staff, and more.

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Nice to meet you Gorgeous!

My name is Liane and I am a Certified Pro Travelling Makeup Artist/Event Planner & Designer serving Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, The Valley, San Bernardino, and San Diego to name a few.
I am passionate about beauty and I strive to inspire and uplift clients with my makeup mastery. My services are designed to add that extra glow to your getting-ready experience, empowering you for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Serving more than just looks! I believe that every woman should be treated and worshiped like a Goddess and be respected at all times. My platform is meant to be a place full of inspiration, motivation, love, and wake up calls! So don’t be surprised if you come across sensitive content.
I am here to challenge you to become the best version of yourself.
This is personal! I owe it to myself. My story is filled with lots of broken pieces and terrible choices. But it’s also filled with a major comeback, peace in my soul, and a grace that saved my life.
Because my children deserve a mother they can brag about.
The Goddess Glow concept was created to inspire women awaken the Goddess within. My vision came true in 2020 during a worldwide pandemic. I realized women needed inspiration and something to look forward to when the world opened back up and continue with their normal life.
I want you to believe in the impossible, search, and commit to your spiritual journey.
My main goal is to inspire and help you unapologetically embrace your sensuality, beauty, talents, and empower you to never give up on your dreams!
To break through that imaginary ceiling you’ve placed over yourself. Switch from “I hope I can do this” to “I’m going to make this shit happen.”
To remind you that not a single drop of your self worth depends on anyone’s acceptance.